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Urban Symphony is a collaboration between photographer Ralph Talmont and virtuoso guitarist Nigel Gavin. It is music improvised live against a set of slowly dissolving panoramic images of World cities. Simplicity in approach and execution results in multiple layers of immersive meaning, allowing the audience to set out on meditative inner journeys.

The project began its life as a series of live gallery and festival gigs (above photo.) It now lives powered by streaming technology and NFTs. This is not a project about solely the photographs or the improvised music, but about what you feel when you allow yourself to immerse in their interplay. Urban Symphony is an experience in sight and sound.

These are, to a degree, documentary photographs – real people, in real places that many viewers will recognise – but the aim is more to allow the audience to take a step beyond recognising the depiction of a particular place. It’s not so much about this city, or that, but more about every city, and the emotions which come with being a human alive in a city in the first half of the 21st century. As of a few years ago, most of us on this planet live in cities and this trend is only going to continue.

Nigel and Ralph will be releasing further details and announcing the road map shortly. In the meantime, to keep in touch and stay on top of announcements ahead of time, join the Urban Symphony Telegram group by following the link in the footer.